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Baoji soldiers nickel titanium Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as the soldiers nickel titanium) is located in China's titanium valley - shaanxi treasure. The company mainly engaged in titanium and titanium alloy material nickel materials and nickel alloy material. Titanium products have: titanium fastener, flanges titanium, titanium, titanium, titanium tube elbow, coil, titanium basket, titanium, titanium, titanium pump nets, valve, titanium, titanium square shaft strips, titanium, titanium, titanium pipeline ring forgings, titanium anodes, etc; Titanium equipment is: titanium with the tube heat exchanger, titanium plate heat exchanger, titanium centrifuge, titanium fan, titanium mixer, titanium reaction kettle, titanium, titanium electrobath tank, titanium condenser and the composite metal various non-standard equipment processing in one body. The company perseveres: reputation reliable, the quality for this operation policy, we will provide the high quality products and service sincerely hope to cooperate with you, and seek common development. Welcome overrsea, to discuss cooperation!